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Blatant Misinformation Follows Deadly School Shooting in Florida

Florida high schooler Nikolas Cruz murdered 17 of his classmates and wounded nearly two dozen more last week. He used an AR-15.

If there’s one thing we can be sure of, it’s that Democrats and other useful idiots will use this event as a reason to push for a ban on guns. Since the tragic event, talking heads in the media have used the vague term “gun control” as a solution.

This is because they do not understand the fallacy of conflating correlation with causation. If they did, they would call for the banning of single mothers who are the most significant perpetrators of child abuse. They would call for the banning of automobiles, which cause about 40,000 death each year. That’s 9/11, 20 times over every year.

This is how you know that they are not interested in saving lives. They are only interested in victory for their political party.

We are already hearing narratives of blame aimed at conservatives — who are always conflated with racists and Nazis. Never mind the fact that is was Abraham Lincoln, a Republican who freed the slaves; it was Richard Nixon, a Republican, who gave them affirmative action; and it’s Donald Trump, a Republican, who has brought black unemployment to an all-time low. Never mind the fact that it was the Clintons who called black men super-predators, and who created the racist law that punishes crack cocaine use much more harshly than powder cocaine use.

They will tell you that Cruz’s gender is partly to blame. This is sexist, of course. And they will never ask who raised him because we cannot turn our scrutiny on single motherhood. Never mind the fact that criminals overwhelmingly come from single mother homes. Never mind the fact that high school dropouts, suicides, depression, unemployment, addiction, and all manner of failure are powerfully correlated with single motherhood. Never mind the fact that the nanny state incentivizes single motherhood- replacing the father with welfare.

We will not talk about the clear dangers of psychotropic and antipsychotic medications. These are powerfully associated with suicide and murder.

No. We will not talk about any of these things. We will talk about the gun. We will talk about the inanimate object that was used as the tool of a twisted mind at the end of a decades-long process of mental and emotional warping. We will talk about the gun, and we will do so while the highways glisten with blood, while members if ISIS stream into the country, and while cigarettes and sugar continue to kill hundreds of thousands. We will talk about the gun.

Because even though over 70% of people killed by guns each year are the would-be the perpetrators of violent crime — it’s the gun we fear.

Imagine what that 70% would do to the rest of us if guns were suddenly gone from our homes… and now you know the end result the left is really pushing for.

~ Firearm Daily

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