Fascinating Facts About Antique Weapons You May Find at Home

There are many weapons that have unique historical value based on the type of gun, the age or even a story about how it was acquired or used. There are also guns that you may find in your armory that could land you in jail (more about that another time!), but there are also some antiques that may be worth much more than you expect.

If you have recently inherited some older guns, you may find yourself with more than you bargained for!

Finding Your Gun’s Value

Antique guns can have a different value for different people. If a collector is looking for a specific piece that you happen to have, you might get a nice premium for it. In general, the value of your weapon is based on two parts:

  • The historic value is based on the story attached to your gun. If you can prove that your gun was used at a shootout at the OK Corral, you might have something really special on your hands.
  • The intrinsic value, determined by the condition of the gun and its make and model. Think of this like the Kelley Blue Book for guns. There are set prices for distinct ages and types of weapons.

When you add together these two items and have a weapon that is not only decades old and in good shape — but also has a fascinating story attached — that’s when you’re looking at a true winner in the gun world.

Have You Seen This Gun?

There are some antique guns that are incredibly valuable, such as the Parker shotgun. If you do happen to find one of these 70-plus-year-old beauties, be sure to keep it in its original condition even if there is some wear. An authentic German Luger will also net you more than a few pennies, as these Nazi-era guns were a war trophy brought back by returning GIs. Walther P38s are another throwback weapon that American GIs considered a big-game trophy weapon and brought home after WWII.

An antique Winchester Model 76 in great shape could net you up to $6,000 or more as there were fewer than 65,000 were ever produced from 1876-1897. Another Winchester of interest is the 1873 model, which is generally worth over $1,000 in good shape. These are all the intrinsic value of the weapons. If you have any historical documents that go along with them such as a letter from a family member about how they acquired the gun or how it was used, you will have a much stronger case when you talk to a collector about selling your gun.

You may be surprised to find that these antique weapons are items that you might find in your home or when you are cleaning out the home of a recently-deceased loved one. See how the fascinating facts that go along with your gun can double or even triple the value of the weapons or ammunition that you find.

~ Firearm Daily

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