Is There Really a ‘Gun Show Loophole’?

In the wake of the most recent mass shooting, there has been a push to tighten the gun laws and restrict the rights of Americans despite the protection of the second amendment.

The left-wing and Democratic Party have several targets to try and remove these rights. One of the most common items on their agenda is to close a “loophole” that they claim exists at gun shows.

The idea behind their claim is that, somehow, background checks simply aren’t performed at gun shows. They claim the same about those who purchase firearms online. With this claim in mind, let’s examine it in detail — is there really a gun show loophole?

According to federal law, all firearm dealers need to be licensed. This license is difficult to obtain, and the process is in place to ensure that dealers understand the safety concerns behind selling a firearm. The federal law also requires that all dealers initiate a background check prior to completing the transaction of a firearm to someone who is not a dealer. This background check is important for ensuring that criminals do not get their hands on guns. This law is the same regardless of where transfers or sales take place. Furthermore, background checks for firearms have been performed via the NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) since November of 1998.

Gun shows fall under the same regulations as those that apply to standard stores. The idea that there is a “loophole” simply isn’t true. Furthermore, the Gun Control Act of 1968 and the Brady Act of 1993 were written and voted for by gun control supporters. The idea behind both of these acts was to ensure that strict background check requirements were met by all firearm dealers and importers. This applies to gun shows as well

Perhaps, the gun control advocates have their targets wrong. Studies performed by the ATF have shown that the firearms used by criminals were obtained on the streets or through other criminal means. Less than ten percent of these weapons were obtained at gun shows. If gun control advocates really want to stop mass shootings, perhaps they should focus their attention elsewhere.

Clearly, there is no loophole at gun shows. As demonstrated above, the federal law is the same regardless of where a gun purchase takes place. Whether it is at a standard store, a gun show, or online, background checks must be performed to ensure that the firearm winds up in the hands of a law-abiding American citizen. Therefore, it is important for everyone to do their own research and ensure that they have their facts correct before making any claim. Failure to do so can wind up infringing on the rights of Americans everywhere.

~ Firearm Daily

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