Must-Have Gun Gear: Prepping Your Range Bag

Have you ever gotten to the range only to discover that you’ve forgotten something vital? Either you have to turn around and run home to get it or try to find somewhere to make a purchase. It would be much easier to simply pack a range bag beforehand to be sure you’ve got everything that you need for an enjoyable day at.

Here are some quick pointers on what you should include to keep the fun flowing.

Elements of a Great Range Bag
Keeping everything together, neat and tidy while you’re at the shooting range not only makes things more convenient for you, it is respectful to your fellow shooters as well. When you have your gear scattered to the four winds, you’re likely getting in the way of others as they attempt to enjoy their day. If you’re constantly asking your companions for extra gear that you’ve left behind, it can take away from the fun and quickly turn into frustration.

The Bag
Starting with the bag itself, you want something that is made of leather or canvas so it will be durable for years of gratification. That doesn’t mean you have to shell out a pretty penny for a custom-made bag that’s specifically for the range. There are plenty of multi-purpose bags that will serve quite well — and perhaps even better. What is critical is that you have plenty of open space on the inside and a multitude of little flaps and pockets for tucking small items such as special ammunition or earplugs.

Protective Gear
Being on the wrong side of a gun is dangerous, but shooting a gun can be dangerous to your health, too. Invest in a good pair of shooting glasses and some solid ear protection. Measly little earplugs aren’t going to cut it when you’re shooting heavy artillery, but they’re good to have as a backup.

Cleaning Materials
What’s the last thing you do before you put away your weapon? That’s right — get everything cleaned up and ready for the next use. Be sure to pack your cleaning kit in your range bag. After an exciting day of shooting, it’s always fun to compare notes while you’re cleaning your weapon.

First Aid
Even the safest shooters can get hurt once in a while, and you never know when something is going to happen on the range. Put together a small personal injury kit that includes items such as a tourniquet, hemostatic sponge, emergency bandage, gauze pads and more.

Are you feeling more prepared already? With these items packed safely away in your range bag, you’re ready for whatever life throws at you during the day. You might also want to toss in a bottle or two of water and a snack, just in case. One other item that might be handy is a range of small tools that will let you make minor adjustments to your weapons or cleaning tack as needed.

~ Firearm Daily

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