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The Truth About Armed Teachers in Schools

After the tragic school shooting incident in Florida, President Trump indicated that it is time to take action on gun-free zones and the availability of firearms themselves.

Trump went so far as to say that his administration isn’t going to be all rhetoric and bluster, offering big talk but taking no action, as has been done in the past.

Suggesting that no idea was off the table, Trump brought in a group of students, parents, and teachers affected by school shootings to listen to their perspectives and ideas on the subject.

In recent days, the president has acted by asking Attorney General Jeff Sessions to prepare regulations to ban bump stocks, the tools that allow semi-automatic guns, which are legal, to function like fully automatic or machine guns with rapid-fire action. The president is also mulling over other gun modification products.

He has also called for stronger background checks for gun purchases and shifting focus during these background checks to the mental health of the person buying the gun.

The comment that seems to have gained the most traction, though, is the idea he floated that allowing some, specially trained teachers to carry concealed weapons in schools.

While the liberal media has pounced all over this claiming that the president wants all teachers to carry guns, which is not the case at all, they’ve overlooked one glaring fact. Teachers in 18 U.S. states may already do so – provided they have permission of the school or district to do so.

Some of the states that currently allow adults to bring firearms onto campuses with previous permission aren’t big surprises. They include Mississippi, Alabama, Montana, Wyoming, Texas, and Utah. But, some of the states included on the list are total surprises, like California, Oregon, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, Hawaii, and New Jersey.

Some states, like Kentucky, are looking for formalize a marshal program that will assist teachers in obtaining licenses to carry guns on campus. Texas already has programs like this in approximately 172 of its school districts.

Trump obviously doesn’t want teachers to face the terrible decision of taking a life. He understands the enormity of responsibility it places on teachers. But, he also understands that the indecision and inactivity that has been prevalent in D.C. over the issue of school shootings for decades has accomplished little.

Placing guns in the hands of teachers who have been trained to use them presents a viable option — one worth considering among the many others that have been suggested. He is not proposing forcing teachers who are opposed to guns to carry them. A gun in the hands of someone unwilling or unable to use would arguably make the environment less safe.

What he is doing is considering allowing teachers, nationwide the opportunity to get specialized training and permission to carry concealed weapons into the classroom to protect students.

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