These are the Guns You Would Need for a Zombie Apocalypse

You may not believe it, but someday it’s going to happen –t he most frightening nightmare of all: a zombie apocalypse!

When this terrifying day dawns, there are only two choices: outrun and outgun your friends and neighbors, or become fodder for the flesh-eating undead. You already know from watching The Walking Dead that the most important piece of equipment is a shovel, but what type of weaponry do you want to keep close to hand in case the unthinkable happens?

In popular movies and television shows, we see characters walking around with axes, sledgehammers, shotguns, and even samurai swords. But, in the event such a hellish scenario actually became a reality, which weapons would actually be ideal? Read on to find out.


Keeping your pistol close means you may need to tuck it in the back of your pants or find something to use as a holster. When it comes to holster material, be picky. You don’t want the sights of your pistol caught up on the fabric so you’re unable to get that brain-eater between the eyes before he takes out your friend.

Glocks are a good medium-range choice as they also offer a tactical rail for a mounted flashlight, and a good-sized magazine so you’re not spending as much valuable time reloading. You may also want to grab a nice .22 for the light weight — and how easy it will be to find ammunition once the world has been turned upside down.


There’s a time and a place for everything, and a zombie extravaganza is a great time for a silencer. Sometimes you simply need to take out a straggler or two without alerting the entire herd. Simply add a suppressor to your handgun and you’re flying under the radar — unless someone in your party starts screaming. These are fantastic for picking zombies off from a decent distance and keeping looters from hitting your stash.

Machine Guns

When you’re in the midst of a zombie herd, few things are more comforting than the ability to quickly spray the area around you with hot lead. However, machine guns can tear through a great deal of ammunition in a short period of time. The downside is that you’re unlikely to have an unlimited supply once the undead roam through the land for a while, so be sparing and only use machine guns in small bursts as needed.

Ammo, Ammo, Ammo

It’s practically impossible to have enough ammo during any zombie apocalypse. When there are more zombies than people, it’s unlikely that your friendly neighborhood store will be serving up truckloads of ammunition on a regular basis for you to stroll in and purchase. Instead, you’re going to need to hide ammo in every crevice of your home and yard, with some extra hidden offsite or in a nearby wooded area just in case. The bigger the bullets, the more damage you can cause so plan accordingly.

While the undead are unlikely to come shambling down your road anytime soon, there are always reasons to keep your weapons close to hand. There are plenty of dangers from “normal” humans, much less those who are suffering from some unknown syndrome.

~ Firearm Daily

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