This California Tax Aims to Starve Out Gun Dealers

It’s certainly no secret that the state government in California is hostile toward the firearm industry – and to the Second Amendment at large. However, new legislation has gun rights advocates concerned that conditions may become even worse.

The California State Senate is set to hear proposal AB 736, which will levy additional taxes on gun dealers operating in the state. The legislation has been met with fierce criticism from the Firearms Policy Coalition, which suggests gun businesses may starved out due to additional costs.

“AB 736 only adds to California’s infamous anti-business and anti-second amendment climates,” FPC spokesman Craig DeLuz told “This bill will only serve to drive firearms dealers out of business, making it even more difficult for law abiding citizens to exercise their right to keep and bear arms.”

DeLuz went on to suggest that the proposal is part of a broader effort to disarm law-abiding Californians entirely.

“It’s counterproductive for the state to keep passing more and more laws for gun owners to comply with, while at the same time putting out of business those entities (FFLs) who have been designated by the state to facilitate that compliance”, DeLuz added. “That is, of course, unless the goal is to eliminate the right to keep and bear arms by making it impossible to comply with the law.”

California is home to some of the most repressive gun control in the United States. More restrictions on firearm ownership will serve only to make law-abiding citizens more vulnerable.

~ Firearm Daily

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