This Child’s Reaction to Shooting for the First Time is Adorable

If you were looking for the perfect video to put a smile on your face while making your gun-grabbing friends supremely uncomfortable, look no further.

In the short clip below, you get hit with waves of nostalgia and cuteness all at once as a small child experiences the sheer joy of shooting for the first time. His overwhelmed excitement after hitting a target is beyond priceless.

The clip was uploaded by the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit, and is taken from an event hosted by the unit to introduce children to various outdoor activities — including shooting.

“The day allowed children, with their parents, to try their hand at archery, fishing and shooting,” the video’s description reads. “And the USAMU Soldiers were there at the marksmanship stations to give the families tips on safety and technique.”

In the video, you hear the instructor giving clear directions to his young student — reminding him to keep his finger off of the trigger until he’s ready to fire. This underscores a big part of the message we try to bring to our readers here — introducing weapons as tools to be handled responsibly rather than toys to be played with is an integral part of civil gun ownership.

Watch below as a young child fires a shotgun for the first time in his life.

~ Firearm Daily

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