Watch These Brothers Obliterate an Old TV with AR-15s

Taking a firearm to the range and turning paper sheets into swiss cheese is one thing, but sometimes you need a solid target to truly appreciate a weapon’s capabilities.

This is exactly what YouTube gun enthusiast Philip Reber seemed to be feeling when he and his brother toasted an old Samsung TV.

In the video below, you get a real taste of what this practical weapon has to offer its owner.

The reason for blasting the television set to bits? Apparently, it was too old, and even operating it was frustrating.

“My little brother and I went shooting and took out my old Samsung tv that didn’t work anymore,” Reber said in his video description. “It received the death it deserved.”

It’s worth pointing out that this is hardly an amateur video, as it features solid production and intimate shots showing just how unfortunate it would be to be a television in that very moment.

Watch Reber and his brother demonstrate the AR-15’s powerful capabilities in the video below!

~ Firearm Daily

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