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Gun Rights Advocates Protest Vermont Governor Who “Betrayed” Them

Vermont Gov. Phil Scott turned his back on the U.S. Constitution recently by signing what anti-gun zealots are hailing as “sweeping gun control measures.”

Although Gov. Scott had campaigned on being a strong proponent of the Second Amendment, noting that he was a long-time hunter himself, the Republican politician appears to have caved to pressure following the Parkland, Florida, school shooting.

With the career politician failing to stand his ground as national Democrats seek to take away gun rights by systematically targeting specific makes, models and accessories, proud Vermont gun owners rallied in protest.

During the Statehouse signature ceremony, pro-Second Amendment Vermonters gathered a large crowd. Many carried their legally owned firearms in a show of strength and demonstration of responsible gun ownership. The crowd shouted the governor down, calling him a “liar” for going back on his campaign promises to protect gun rights. Others taunted him as a “traitor” for failing in his duty to defend the state and U.S. Constitution.

The Vermont Gun Ban Measures

In agreeing to sign the Democrat-led anti-gun measures into law, Gov. Scott appears to be attempting to sidestep the media blitz manufactured after the Florida shootings.

During his remarks, he said that “On Feb. 16, I was in my office preparing for the day ahead, when everything changed,” Scott reportedly said. “That morning, I was handed a document containing charges against an 18-year-old outlining his detailed plan to carry out a school shooting here in Vermont.”

“I thought, as the safest state in the nation, Vermont was immune to this type of violence. As I’ve said many times throughout my political life, public safety is the top priority of any government,” Scott reportedly said. “It’s a responsibility I take very seriously as governor.”

Protestors interrupted his speech with comments claiming the governor is a pothead and one stinging rebuke as he closed was that he took that responsibility seriously, “Unlike following the Constitution.”

The rollback of gun rights includes the following:

  • Legal age to purchase a variety of firearms goes up from 18 to 21 years old.
  • Those under 21 can only purchase a hunting rifle if they complete a safety course.
  • All high-capacity magazines are banned from sale.
  • The state can take away guns from anyone it deems a danger.
  • The state can take away guns from people cited in a domestic dispute.
  • Bump stocks and similar accessories are banned.
  • Although these Draconian restrictions have been signed into law, many Vermonters believe they will be overturned through court challenges.

    Vermont’s Right To Bear Arms

    Unlike the multitudes of young people that played hooky from school to protest shootings, responsible Vermont gun owners know the difference between a revolver, a semi-automatic weapon and that the real danger isn’t the firearm — it’s the person using it.

    That’s why the Vermont state charter includes provisions that exceed the U.S. Constitution with regard to every citizen’s right to bear arms. Gun rights advocates have already vowed to take the governor to court. Many believe his assault on lawful gun ownership flies in the face of the Vermont constitution and can be swiftly struck down at the state level.

    Voters are on the record stating that Gov. Scott has “betrayed” his Republican constituents and gun owners vote. The first-term governor may have lost any hope for re-election.

    ~ Firearm Daily

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