Pro-Gun Talk Show Host Asks Liberal Students to Change His Mind

Conservative YouTube star Steven Crowder recently issued an open challenge to liberal college students — change his mind about guns and the Second Amendment.

Crowder, who hosts the show Louder with Crowder on CRTV, let students line up in front of him as part of his new segment, “change my mind” — an effort to encourage young people to become more open to conservative ideas and larger philosophical questions.

As a conservative, Crowder is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and gun rights as a whole. Despite his beliefs, however, he allowed a slew of challengers to put his values to task. What followed were surprisingly open and honest conversations.

One student even ended up openly admitting to knowing very little about guns and how they are regulated in the United States — a breath of fresh air considering the hostile nature of America’s modern political discourse.

Running just over 20 minutes in length, the video below is a bit of a commitment. However, Crowder’s sharp critiques of gun control and concise arguments supporting the Second Amendment are definitely worth a watch.

See for yourself below.

~ Firearm Daily

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